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Just going to pass this along. Here’s the tweet that Wikileaks posted:


Disinformation? Sabotage? My God, Enthusiasts, this goes all the way to the top.

Here’s the whole e-mail:


I’m sure it’s an honest misreading.

Julian Assange, who is Wikileaks, is an Australian national hiding in the Bolivian Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom who is owned by Russia. Remember “outside agitators?” Whenever the cops beat the shit out of a crowd in the old days, they would use that phrase: it had been started by outside agitators. These are actual outside agitators.

I advocate holding Bolivia Ecuador responsible. We should find out what the capital of Bolivia Ecuador is and bomb it immediately.

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  1. The Capitol of a country known for cocaine is Sucre…The French word for sugar.

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