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And now the connections come pouring in: video of Bobby (and Vince) performing at the Fukuoka Dome, which is not in Tokyo, from FoTotD Jumpy Jingleberry–


Johnny Jamband.

Stop it.

Jarbles Jowjow.

You’re an idiot. Say the man’s name correctly.

You mean Jesse Jarnow, whose book Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America is available for pre-order on Amazon?

Everything can’t be fixed with a plug.

Tell that to the Dutch.

Well played.

Anyway, there are actually a lot of questions about this show. This was a band called Bobby and the Valentines and was Bobby, Vince, Henry Kaiser, and two other guys. It was a pick-up band, essentially, and they played Dead tunes. Real fun night out at a small theater.

But the Fukuoka Dome holds 38,000 and Michael Jackson and Madonna and people like that play there: how did Bobby and Vince book this gig? Is Vince big in Japan? Did they just tell the crowd that it was the Dead? How many more weird tributaries are there in this river?


  1. Phish 6/14/2000 Fukuoka, that was in heavy rotation in my truck.

  2. Ordered Jar Jar’s book, It sounds like it will be a nice read.

    He got a bad rap in Star Wars.. IMO.

  3. “Let’s Fun” Indeed,

    Moreover same as Phil

    Mind if I share a wonderful translation from google translate..

    The same day as Phil, Majestic Circus at the same place!
    Even 15 years remember the ’99 Fuji Rock before.
    As you walk toward the other side of the field of Heaven of forest, Jerry guitar has been heard.
    It was Manabu’s guitar sound check of the Biggufu Rogg.
    Thereafter, the PHISH! Exactly what was the place of heaven.
    ’15 From there.
    Now after the guitar’s Manabu, Phil of the base!
    Field of f Haven is you’ll be made ​​to the Grateful Dead World.
    Let ‘s fun!

  4. Bobby and the Valentines played one more time – on Valentine’s Day ’95 – at the Fillmore; I was there and it was big fun.

  5. WOAH. Henry Kaiser on guitar.

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