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japan deadhead miracle

Most of your “truths” about Deadheads turn out to be partially true at best, but I can tell you this with no hesitation: this guy got taken care of.

Within minutes of hoisting this sign, some half-Japanese/half-Jewish guy from Long Island or hippie chick who spent a year in Japan found him and treated this fellow to some world-class hospitality.

If you’re not careful, a Deadhead might hospitality you right into the hospital. Hope this guy’s okay, we should check on him.

Also, that seems like a ton of work to say “miracle,” doesn’t it? I googled it (if you thought I actually spoke Japanese, then you can’t sit with us at lunch anymore) and all of that in the red and blue is one word: miracle. The guy who invented Japanese was not a minimalist; there is no kanji sumbol for “brevity.”

“Japanese Johnson-san?”

“Yes, Japanese Boswell-san?”

“How shall ‘miracle’ be spelled? I notice the foreign devils get the idea across in seven letters, though not the letters you might think.”

“Which foriegn devils do you speak of, Boswell-san?”

“Who can tell one of their heathen tongues from the next? I think the British.”

“Ugh. Provincial island-folk obsessed with tradition, status, and tea.”

“To the question at hand: miracle. How is it spelled?”

“Umm…guy standing on top of house, guy in a cape at a gas pump.”

“Gas pump, gotcha. Next question: should we cook fish?”

“Fuck, no.”


  1. “Violence is justified with respect to the power supply”

    Fuck the system?

  2. “Provincial island-folk obsessed with tradition, status, and tea.”

    The clever is strong in you, TOTD-san.

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