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Don’t Tell Me This Town Ain’t Got No Hartford

Just in case you’re looking for a damn fine ’87, I’ve got a damn fine ’87 to pimp: 3/27 from the Hartford Civic Center. Great first set with a double-closer (first sets have closers: look it up) of Music Never Stopped>Touch of Grey and the version I’ve linked to is a great Matrix, so you can hear the crowd go nuts when Garcia sings about surviving and whatnot.

Second set’s warm and gooey like peanut butter scooped out of a jar nestled in a fat guy’s crotch: big Dew and a Cumberland that may or may not be one of the six Cumberland Stones.

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  1. Spring 87 was a great tour. Hartford was strong both nights. Loved that show. My buddy Craig’s post-show thought on the show: “I can’t think of any song out of Space I’d rather hear than Uncle John’s Band.” Amen.

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