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First Family Affair

You know why I love America?

Taco Tuesday?

You know why else I love America?

No, but please don’t get weird.

Not weird: patriotic. Only in America am I guaranteed the right to proclaim how much sexy our First Couple has.

Please don’t talk about–

I would three-way the shit outta of those two.

–having a menàge…dammit. That’s not respectful.

I would be totally respectful of the First Couple’s sexual boundaries.

Not what I meant.

I don’t understand where I’m wrong in this: if I were to ogle Mrs. Obama, then: yeah, sexist and wrong and shitty. What I’m saying is that both of them can do stuff to me, or have me do stuff to them.


That’s called equality.

I wanna be the white part in the Oreo.



  1. We are technically guaranteed that right in Canada too. It’s just that no one has ever chosen to do it.

  2. Looks like he’s down… Thumbs up and the other hand is, well, hinting at the next step.

  3. Please call the pope, is he still in the USA ?

    Have Biden shine the pope beacon up, and summon the fiat from the pope cave.. The first family is at risk.

    • That’s an Oreo cookie I would pay for

      • Newbie question: How do you post a pic to comments? God knows I’ve tried.

        Thanks in advance.

      • Ste4ve,

        The image has to be available on the internet somewhere.

        If you have the image on your computer you have to make it publicly available.

        Right click on the picture of the queen and you should get a dialog box with something like “open image in new tab” or “view image url”

        This will show you that spencer is a genius, but also a thief. He finds an image online and provides a link to it.

        So if you find an image online you just need to get the url for it and paste that url into a comment.

        I think all on one line is the best approach to getting the browser to display the picture rather than the address or URL of the picture.

        If your image is on your computer:

        YOUR Browser will be able to display it, but MY browser here in ohio will look onto MY computer for the local link, and I will see the address not the image.

        The solution is to upload it to a public place.

        A quick solution is to get a twitter account, and post the image to twitter, and then link to that here.

        There may be other ways, flickr, instagram.

        Hope that helps.


  4. Tor–

    “The solution is to upload it to a public place.”

    Got it; haven’t tried that yet. Will do.



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