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Colors, Patterns, Mustaches, Hat

Phil looks like “Hippie #2” in a terrible biopic about the Sixties; I don’t want to talk about the others.


  1. Well, I want to talk about the rest of them. Weir seems to be copying Stephen Stills’ look in the Buffalo Springfield at that time, with the cowboy hat and the Gibson Hollow Body (a 335?). Assuming this is 1968, Weir would have been 19 years old, exactly when you copy other people’s fashion choices.

    Do we have a date and location for this? Any German scholars want to help us out on this?

  2. Anyone who passes judgement on Bob Weir has no respect for the total insanity of his early youth.

    Left home and was raised by an insane tribe of maniacs.

  3. Phil has the non-plussed look of a man who ain’t pickin’ up no godamn trumpet ever again.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    December 21, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    jerry’s Beliveau phase

  5. The color and length of Bob’s pants is just foreshadowing.

  6. Jerry is playing a SG so this should be ’69 as Spencer’s comment on sweater picture above.

  7. This era was their STP phase. Other people may have been dressing them, at that point.

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