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Bobby Unguarded

The legendary band may have bid a farewell last July, but their cofounder has never been busier – and he doesn’t even need the money

That is the subhead on this interview with Bobby from The Guardian, and that subhead was chosen because The Guardian is a Commie fucking rag that writes about Lena Dunham and soccer; it is also still printed on paper for some reason, which is adorable. It felt the need to bring up money because The Guardian hates people with money, and doesn’t discriminate between people who got their money through rapacious business dealings and people who got their money by, you know: playing Milwaukee. We shouldn’t begrudge the few rich musicians: we should bemoan the number of poor musicians.

It’s a decent read, but if you don’t have time, here are the highlights:

  • Bobby is optimistic about the upcoming election, which puts him in a minority of Bob.
  • If you bring that braised beef near him one more time, Bobby’s gonna put a Birkenstock up a cater-waiter’s ass.
  • Dan Kanter, a Torontonian who plays in Justin Bieber’s live band, joined Bobby onstage for a few tunes and, at the end of the night, begged Bobby to take him back to Marin with him.
  • The pop superstar also was in attendance, and came out for a set-ending Bird Song>Love Yourself>Estimated that, oddly, no one got on tape.
  • Being a polite man, Bobby was politic about the upcoming Oldchella; he did not say, “Biggest crowds Bob Dylan and Neil Young ever played were when they played with us. Plus, the rest are Limeys and, you know what? In motherfucking California, the Grateful Dead or What’s Left Of ‘Em headline.”
  • He was thinking it, though.
  • Also, the interviewer seems to express astonishment that–even though the Farewell Shoes were supposed to be it for the Dead–another incarnation is now back on the road.
  • He asks–and I’m quoting–if it “undercuts the finality” of last summer, and Bobby openly laughs at him.
  • I swear that some people have never met Show Biz before.
  • The interviewer also notes that tickets to gig (all going to charity) were “between CAD$1,000 and $4,160” and apparently the currency of Canada is Computer-Assisted Drawing.
  • Bobby is open about Phil’s non-participation, citing Phil’s desire to play smaller place; he also tastefully mentions Phil’s health issues; Bobby sounds philosophical about the end of life, and says that he believes death is something to look forward to.
  • I do not know whether Phil shares this belief.
  • Bobby also discusses the upcoming Amazon show, and plans for a book; I have no idea who should write either of those things.


  1. If any of the Comment section like pictures of Bobby, there is some shirtless 67 Bobby in that article.

    -just sayin-

    Not that it is okay to obsess about Bobby, he is more than just a pretty face.

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