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The DirecTV Blimp was there all weekend, and I’ll gladly spell their ridiculous name right because you know what? Blimps ain’t cheap. Someone had to pay for the blimp, and the folks who are not your cable company, but are probably just as bad, stepped up.

Ain’t no party like a blimp party.

The lighter-than-airship got fucked: one rough landing. Planes killed people at an almost 100% rate for the first twenty years of their existence. Boats have been getting swallowed by the ocean since their invention, we still have those. Cars were hilariously lethal for decades and we built an entire society dedicated to their comfort, at the expense of ours.

A few rich Germans burn to death on film, and it’s bye-bye airships.

So, perhaps it was advertising, and God only knows who got paid what or why or how: who gives a shit. For three nights straight, I had a blimp and that is how life should be.

Everyone deserves a blimp once in a while.


  1. Why do I read your blog. What is your deal. Pls find Jesus. I’m going to bed enoUGH IS ENOUGH

  2. Blimpin’ ain’t easy

    • Now pimpin’ aint easy but it’s necessary, so I’m chasing bitches like Tom chases Jerry… I put the pedal to the fl-oa in my two tone Ford Explor=a YOU KNOW HOW IT’S DONE

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