I haven’t been to many concerts recently; the embarrassment of the whole situation becoming unbearable. Being in the same room with people playing music is excruciating: eye contact is inevitable. Making eye contact with another guy while he’s playing his instrument is like making eye contact with the dog when he’s humping another dog.

I used to, at least, have a certain defiant tolerance for shows, from club-to-stadium size–

I’m into a ’78 thing recently and as I’m writing this, 4/24/78 is playing. Normal, Ill. Great show, especially the Scarlet->Fire, because Bobby picks up his slide and you’re ready to shut the whole thing down but then he BRINGS THAT SHIT, YO and starts guitar dueling with Garcia like it’s Iron Maiden or something. Listen to that! Play it next time any one talks shit about Bobby and then Billypunch that guy in the nards.

So, listening to this brilliant performance of slide guitar excellence by Bobby, I think that perhaps I’ve been wrong with all the “Bobby learned to play slide guitar on stage” jokes and I should re-evaluate. And then I listened to what he was doing during Werewolves of London.


–Pink Floyd was great. A band you never, ever heard of named Beyond Blue was great.

the Dead were…well, they were the Dead in 1995. Tapes exist: make up your own mind.