There are no words for this 10/3/76 Cobo Hall second set; I’m not even going to try. I’m certainly not going to give any credit to Mr Completely for mentioning it, nor to Billy_Bongs (whose name I would goof on were it not for the fact that I think I’d really enjoy spending the afternoon at Billy fucking Bongs’ place, so he gets an official Silly Internet Pass from TotD) , who is from Reddit, which is a website that is masculine and hyper-fucking-aware of it. The Dead sub is a fun place to keep up on stuff and where I am not allowed to be a moderator due to my becoming drunk with the smallest amount of power a human can wield when I was made a moderator and everyone calling me a dick.

Every day, Billy_Bongs gathers up links to the shows that were played on that day and highlights one: it’s a rather nice thing to do; today’s was this one and I’ll leave you with this: China Cat tease in the NFA, which is in a bitchin’ Detroit Disco Dancin’ sandwich. Eat my tasty sandwich. Click on it: taste what I made for you.

Stop it.

I need some fresh air, but mostly I need to stop talking about this show and listen to it. Just listen.