Step right up, cats and kittens. Sup upon the milk of human kindness that TotD lavishes upon you. DRINK FROM THE NIPPLES OF HOPE, CHILDREN.

Ew. And I’m still keeping an eye on you after that MLK bullshit.

Fine: 8/31/78 from Red Rocks.

It only has the first ever Shakedown AND an Ollin Arageed Jam so brand-new and piping-hot that even the band didn’t know how it went AND the only Nobody’s Fault Jam from all of 1978 AND a steel drum-infused Jerry Drums AND the only recorded instance (that I can think of with no research, as usual) of Bobby fucking up the words to Playing in the Band AND a HoF Ship of Fools.

That’s all that this show has.

I wasn’t going to bring this up, but–using Time Sheath technology, Dr. King actually attended this show.

What did I JUST say. you loathsome titfucker?