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77 On Your Scorecard, Number One In Your Heart

Oh, Goddammit, did you make Hologram Bobby?

“I know some guys at ILM. They scanned him from beard to sandals.”

Don’t make Hologram Bobby.

“Don’t tell me what to do. There were some glitches.”

Went rogue?

“Like, immediately.”

Every time the Grateful Dead messes with magical technology, problems happen.

“Sucker went hard light. He could control his tangibility.”

That doesn’t sound like something you should be able to control.

“No, that needs to be a constant in the equation.”

Did Hologram Bobby go insane?

“He did, he did.”

Rampage through the theater like King Kong?

“Yup. Kept putting his arm through people’s chests and making it solid.”

That sounds fatal.

“I know there’s nothing more than fatal, but if there were? This would qualify. It was the fatalest thing I’ve ever seen that the drummers weren’t a part of.”


“Ran out of power pretty quick, though.”

That’s good. Phil?

“Don’t be stupid.”

Does everyone get their own iPad?

“How can you rock and roll without an iPad?”

True. Phil?

“One more stupid thing and we’re done. You’re on the thinnest of ices.”

Awesome shirt.

“The three-quarter shirt is the king of all tee-shirts. Keeps your elbows warn, but leaves your Apple Watch and sweatband exposed. It’s literally the perfect shirt for me.”

Happy birthday again.



  1. Bobert Einstein

    • Oh My God !!!

      The Garcia of this act ToTD is nailing it as of late, but if he ever hits a bad stretch it looks like the comment section can carry things till he wakes back up.

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