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A Call For Balance

The Right is right.

We–those of us at ill-ease with the current situation–have been upbraided since the election for our tone. It is your condescension, as the line goes, that forced us to vote for Donald Trump, and your current outrage and derision that inspires us to maintain our support. You have not honestly examined our concerns.

Furthermore, we are accused of being one-sided. Of not listening to alternative viewpoints. Elevating one view over another

Perhaps they are correct.

So, to remedy this, we must investigate the needs of these Americans. But–in keeping with the second point–we should also look into the lives of those who do not support him.

Let us send a reporter to a town 300 miles outside Chicago and ask about the violence in the city, and then to Chicago and ask someone who actually lives there and knows what’s going on.

A conversation with a Trump voter who supports the rollback of protections for transgendered students, but has never met a transgendered person, and a teenager who is now afraid to go to the bathroom at school.

Interview a man who believes Islam is incompatible with western civilization, and take his concerns seriously; give equal time to the Iranian computer nerd who does IT for a mid-level accounting firm in Cleveland, and now does not know if he can visit home, or whether he will be thrown out of the country.

Inquire–gently, gently–about a woman’s glee at the death of Obamacare, and then visit her neighbor with the pre-existing condition.

Sit with a Trump voter on the couch and hold them tight to your bosom and tell them it will be all right. But also sit with the guy from Guatemala or Ecuador who snuck in because the American Way of Life was, is, and always will be dependent on a bonded underclass and he made the terrible decision to be born there instead of here.

Talk to someone who doesn’t see what the big deal with Russia is, and then ask journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza oh wait you can’t because Putin had him killed this month.

So let us be kind to those who are happy at the things Trump is doing, but let’s not forget the people those things are being done to.

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  1. If anyone else still uses hash tags I’m trying to get #traitortrump to trend.

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