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Once again, every Deadhead’s favorite archivist takes to YouTube, via Mount Tamalpais, to tell us about the new Dave’s Pick release. This volume, the 18th in the outstanding series, will be from the 17th of July, 1976. (When you write dates like that, it doesn’t sound like a Dead show; it sounds like a Presidential speech honoring dead people.) It’s a great show from a legendary run (the Orpheum in San Francisco) with the predictably unpredictable 1976 setlist, but let Davie Lemaeiouandsometimesyx explain it to you.

Also: there is a bit of stripping. So, maybe this is a little NSFW, or at least the Canadian version of NSFW, which stands for Not Safe For Winnipeggers. (The collective name for people from Winnipeg is Winnipeggers, but an individual from the city can be referred to as a Winnipeggy-o or a Winnipegasus.)

If you want a CD, they’re $30 over at, where the news of another release from the 70’s has gone down precisely how you would expect.

(Hey, let’s have some fun: someone start one of those dopey petitions to make David Lemieurythmix put out some shows from 1983.)

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  1. I want one of the haters to link me a show from 1983 (or any early Brent year) that’s better than this one. Just right here, in the comments section. Go ahead.

    I like a lot ’83 shows, but you can’t do it. And if you got close, it’d be a show that’s not in the vault, sadly.

    Same as it ever was.

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