Dear Mister Predisent,

My name is Hunter but everyone calls me Timmy. I love you Predisent Trump. You are the favorit predisent I have ever had. Why are the Democrats being such obstructionists? My mommy and daddy voted for you both of them.

I had a Trump birthday party and the cake was the shape of Melania, who is acknowledged as one of the great beauties. You are tall and strong. You are making America grate again. Why does the failing New York Times, which is very unfair and disgusting, lie about you? My pet lizard is named after you. He eats crickets.

Why do peple not liek you? You seem like the most predisential prediesnt since Lincoln. Can we be friends? Why did the weak and beleaguered Jeff Sessions take the job if he knew he was going to recuse himself? There’s no Russia.

My wish when I blue out teh candles was to go to Mar-A-Lago or one of your many, many high-quality properties all around the world. Can I come have lunch with you? I liek meatloaf do you liek meatloaf?

I am a real boy.

Your Friend,
Donald Hunter