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A Dark Thought

It’s not a suicide pact, the Constitution, and we don’t have to do this. We don’t have to follow the dictates of a temporal compromise between slavers and those that did business with them; we’re grown-ups who have buried our parents, and we are being driven to hell by men two centuries dead.

Twenty percent of the country voted for this man, who does not do his homework and mocks you for suggesting that he should, and he will be given the nuclear codes because of a temporal compromise between slavers and those who did business with them. He is making inroads into the military, which we are told is civilian-controlled.

This will end in violence. The only question is how much.




  1. Paxton’s five phases of Fascism

    disillusionment with popular democracy manifests itself in discussions of lost national vigor
    aided by political deadlock and polarization, the movement becomes a player on the national stage
    conservatives seeking to control rising leftist opposition invite the movement to share power

    Number 3 shows itself every day.

    Number 4 and 5 have to do with what happens after the Fascist is elected.

  2. The Useful Idiot won(just not for anybody who is a patriot). After reading this article, I now totally get why Trump doesn’t take security briefings. Nice to know that the conservatives who howl about being “Constitutional” are really just opportunists who would like to be useful idiots for Putin. Hopefully LSD becomes legal as we will need it within 40 days or so:

  3. Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools…

  4. And every step of the way his followers cheer him on. Best move back to CA before the wall goes up. CA wants no part of this implosion

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