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A Date With 9/15/72

Let’s say that 9/15/72 (previously only available as a fragment or an AUD, but now streamable in full and with the Charlie Miller seal of approval) was a handsome gentleman, and you a sultry but respectable young lass. 9/15/72 invites you out on a date: what can you expect?

  • Flowers.
  • Chocolates.
  • 9/15/72 will be showered to within an inch of his life; his butthole will be squeaky.
  • The China>Rider will be smooth and mellow, like a junkie with alopecia.
  • There will be no discussion of politics or religion.
  • Just love.
  • Possibilities, y’know?
  • 9/15/72 has a fine car that makes a manly noise, but it is not ostentatious and there are no bumper stickers.
  • Like a true gentleman, 9/15/72 opens your car door for you, and after you are comfortable, he closes the door in a soft and firm manner.
  • He has left the engine running; the radio plays smooth jazz.
  • The seat is leather and comfortable and there is also a dog in the car you did not notice.
  • Which is surprising, because the dog is large and now he is climbing into the front seat with you to make love to your hip.
  • His forelegs clamp down; this is a strong dog.
  • “Conkers! Conkers! I’m so sorry!” 9/15/72 screams. “Bad dog!”
  • He tries to pull conkers off of you, but in his furry yearnings, Conkers has locked the doors with one of his paws by accident.
  • Conkers is looking you in the eye.
  • He knows what he’s doing, but you do not and cannot hit the lock button: it appears that this will end when Conkers decides it does.
  • Conkers finishes.
  • The DJ for the smooth jazz station tells you that George Benson is up next and your oddly-steady hand opens the door.
  • 9/15/72 pulls Conkers off of you and out of the car, roughly.
  • “I…I…I…”
  • And then 9/15/72 licks your leg clean.
  • The Playing jam is also out of this world, man.


  1. For those who prefer full res audio (in lieu of streaming), this latest CMiller gem can also be found here:

  2. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    August 17, 2015 at 6:41 pm

  3. Thanks for this..

    I think my previously broken day has just been cured.


  4. Keep it smooth, y’all…

  5. THIS IS KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GR9 SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY I GET SO EXCITED ABOUT THINGS!!!!!!!! IM JUST SO HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THNAK U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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