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A Fear I’m Loathing

I have a fear, Enthusiasts. I need some help. Perhaps you can help me: I think this dumb motherfucker is going to crash the U.S. Dollar.

Some of you are professors, and others were officers in the service, and big shot writers and thinkers and people with impressive Twitter bios, too. Couple of you actually know how to build things, or keep large systems working. Folks that have grown businesses, folks that grow food. Most of you are smarter than me: I spent fifteen minutes the other night staring into space trying to think up something to say about Michael Anthony’s hair.

So, you maybe know more about the world than I do. More about economics, certainly. I could ask my dad, but he had the good sense to die several years ago.

Here’s what I need, here’s the help I seek: tell me I’m wrong, and silly, and a flighty, shaky-kneed twitch. Tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Tell me that money is still going to be money this time next year, and I should go back to my little jokes about littler subjects in this littlest back alley of the internet.

Because I think he could kill the money.




  1. Hang in there ToTD.

  2. My experience has been that it is only squandering the moments (days, weeks, years) that would have been worthwhile to fear the future. Especially one I can not control. A Buddhist monk once said something to the effect of ‘We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves so we can be happy and content, no matter what the circumstances.’

    I’m not going to waste a moment being afraid of what may come. I’ve already burned too many years on that.

  3. If he breaks your money, then he also breaks his money, and I think he likes his money too much to go willy nilly down that path.

    He could devalue the money by pursuing policies that encourage inflation, and since inflation has been low for awhile, I would see a likely combo platter of ecomonic recession followed by inflation, especially he decides that he likes the money so much that he has his minions print much much more than that.

    But all that stuff has happened already in out lifetimes, and we endured, and the money was still the money, you just needed a little bit more of it to satisfies the Joneses and buy the foods and stuffs.

    The only way he could really BREAK the money, I think, is if he manages to let the gold bugs take over monetary policy, scuttle the Federal Reserve, and try to get us back on the gold standard. And Rand and Ron Paul were actually bigger threats to do that.

    All that being said, it is probably best that you do not Google “fiat currency” unless and until you are feeling better about the money.

    And also, it was totally worth the time you spent thinking about Michael Anthony’s hair. He deserves that level of thought and care.

    Go Team Mike! Show him the money!

  4. As a microphone janitor I will pull a proverbial Sgt Schulz as I know nothing. Your idea would certainly cause the prices of real estate go down bigly which would allow for a mass buy up by the renamed Trump Org & his other Carl Icahn type cronies to benefit. The first month has certainly been an exercise absurdist puppet theater and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. When I woke this morning with a hangover to hear about Iblanka hanging out with Al Gore made me wonder why we bother to vote. Maybe that was the purpose of this election(to end democracy-hell Devo might have been right).

    What do you propose? Armed insurrection? Exercises in cognitive dissonance & thought experiments? Putting LSD in the DC water supply?

    I was listening to this show instead of thinking about our potential doom. Never heard this one before though you all probably have.

  5. I recommend stocking up on cigarette papers. Don’t stint on quality, go for Zig-Zags.

  6. I agree with your sentiments. There is no way this Moron does not screw this up.

    I plan to liquidate all holdings at the first of the year. I will keep my real estate in Ca since land is land and this is a liberal stronghold of defense. I’ll put cash into the mattress, dividend stocks, and foreign currency (Canadian loon)

    However, There is probably no where to hide as in 2007 the whole system takes a dump all at once. Best you can do is hedge your bets

  7. No way he does that on his own. There are way too many checks and balances…you are giving him way too much power over a highly complex interconnected system. Look at the guys he is appointing to economic positions…all Washington and Wall Street insiders. It is not like a bunch of his golf buddies are taking over the country, unless those guys ARE his golf buddies, in which case, why worry? They are the ultimate insiders, and they will keep a close eye on the till, as always. I would say money is the last thing to worry about with this group.

    • It is his mouth that can get us into trouble. Look at the solid relationship he is building with China at the moment. Can’t end well.

  8. Remember, there is always room on the farm and we are pretty much self sufficient……. bring rolling papers though I’m running out.

    • ToTD

      I am 4/5ths of the way from the Fillmore South to Spencer’s place.

      I will gladly be a station on the underground weird-way.

      My county is that little patch of blue, in that sea of red. Lower Right Corner.

      Your last whole foods would be in Asheville NC as you head north, between Athens County and Asheville there is nothing but the roar of gunfire and burning crosses.

      Stock up on wasabi peas, and bison jerky in Asheville, put on a truckers cap and head north.

      Do not talk to anyone in the red zone if you can avoid it. Say a prayer for the last lonely eagle, and keep moving.

      I will send up a smoke signal for you.

  9. All bets are off. Maybe the system and the institutions keep a man who is, above all of his faults, incompetent, clueless and inexperienced, from breaking the country, but there’s no guarantee. Institutions fail. Revolutions happen, and they’re not always instigated by the folks at the bottom. Trump’s election could well be a revolutionary moment, one whose effects will leave America as unrecognizable to us as Republican France would have been to Louis XIV.

    Or maybe not.

  10. Tuesday Jackson

    December 6, 2016 at 6:41 am

    At least you’re not on the Washington Post’s list of websites working for Putin.

    You’re not working for a Russian operated propaganda outlet are you?

    Where’s my stash?

    • Luther Von Baconson

      December 6, 2016 at 8:08 pm

      ToTD, C.EO. of Putin Poutine

      “Cheesy, Caviar French fry Goodness!”

      made from re-purposed French Fries.

  11. My guess is he and his team will start like Reagan did and engineer a recession. Reagan’s hit around May of 1981 and lasted a year and a half. Unemployment rose to over 10%. By 1983 Reagan’s popularity was at 35%, nearly half of what Obama’s is now. But by Nov 1984 the broad economy was better, and like the rogue fireman who’s also an arsonist, Reagan and his team hailed himself as a savior.

    It worked.

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