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A Forceful Recommendation

If you don’t go listen to 1/22/78 from Oregon right now, then we can’t be friends anymore. I know you’ve heard it before; go listen again. Let your children fend for themselves, or lock them outdoors: listen to this now.


  1. I only listened to the first few songs and then the Terrapin lol

  2. Bargaining is the third stage of grief, you know.

  3. – In 1978, the Grateful Dead played one of the best shows of the year at McArthur Court in Eugene, OR. The second set is awesome. The Terrapin > Drums > Other One > Close Encounters Space > St. Stephen ….. classic!

  4. This Jack Straw will break your door down with an axe and take your liquor

  5. I’m still glowing from the second set of 11/11/1973. It was so good, I loaned myself a toothbrush and took myself out to breakfast in the clothes I wore last night at the bar,

  6. That place is overgrown with vegetation it looks abandoned. Why are they holding up feather dusters or pom poms..

  7. Complete. What is the next assignment, please?

    (A nice compact show. Did it appear to you, as it did to me, that the second set was somewhat, uh, diminished?)

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  8. A good Other One in a year of good Other Ones.

  9. That tone when Jerry rips into St. Stephen? Exhibit A in the case for Wolf as his best guitar.

    • That is a magical moment. Not sure what concatenation of 70s-era electronics made those sounds, but to me it’s like a church organ.

    • specifically the late-seventies rebuild of the Wolf with new electronics and a different amp

      late 70s Wolf > Alligator > a bunch of other guitars that are good too

      • Definitely, have always felt that Fall Tour 77 and its extension to February 78 had the best Jerry tone ever. I’m thinking particularly here of the weird set of pedals used on the Close Encounters jam, some of which stayed on as he dropped into the Stephen. Sounds like some kind of octave unit, and an envelope or phaser? I know a little about effects but not too much, but it’s definitely a unique sound in this show.

        • yeah it’s like every setting on every part of the MuTron unit maxed out. Octave divider I think, plus a ton of filter? not sure, but it’s one of the greatest sounds ever. Incredibly evolved filter tones in the famous DP18 Scarlet > Fire (really the Fire solos) as well…

          late ’77/early ’78 Estimated outro jams are another spot to look for really crazy gnarly filter tones, like the 12.30.77 Estimated outro.

      • Thanks for the recommendations, checking these out. Love me some gnarly tone Jerry. Of course, when you listen to 12/30/77, you have to listen to the Let It Grow, just by rule, for its incredibly balance of delicate fleetness and agility with Jerry’s balls to the wall shredding meltdowns.

        • absolutely, and watching it on video is even more incredible, with “assume the formation” jamming (guitar players clustered in front of the drums working through all the changes together)

      • Effects aside, let’s not forget the damn volume! His rig had power and he could project tones clearly a long way. In a lot of matrix and AUD recordings from this time, you can hear the sound smacking off the hall’s back rafters. Sometimes it almost sounds like he’s playing off those with some of his angular Estimated lines.

  10. Man I was digging that Peggy O then Mourning Deuce had to post that pic and I got all dazed and confused looking at Bobby and Mickey and trying to pick who had the stupidest face? I hate when that happens.

  11. Man this NFA is stinky good.

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