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A Furthur Warning

If you’re still on the fence about Cleveland Dark Star, then know this: the Dead does not get around to actually playing the Dark Star part of Dark Star until they are 21 minutes into the Cleveland Dark Star.

And, sure: most of humanity would hear that fact and say, “No, please, none of that for me; I’d rather watch pandas try to cross the freeway.”

But we are different.



  1. Fucking amateurs. Cleveland Dark Star wasn’t even the best Darkstar of December 1973, or even the best one that week as a matter of fact. The Dark Star>Feel like a stranger>Viola (only 1 and 2, NOT 3)>Dark Star the following Saturday in Schenectady totally blows away this sorry-ass version.

    +1 for correct spelling in title of post.

    • If I have time to listen to all of these 40 minute dark stars and assess the correctness of Estimated statements, he may be correct.

      Still… calling this version sorry Ass ? That is not nice..

      If you have two children and one wins at kickball and the other loses you love both of them enough not to call anyone a sorry-ass.

      Words hurt sensitive fragile little Dark Star most of all.


    • It wasn’t even the best one played this night. After the show, Phil made the roadies leave the Wall up until the next morning, and he came out and played a solo UFO feedback Dark Star for five and a half hours.

  2. This Dark Star scared the hell out of me the first time I heard it, and I’d wager that anyone who says otherwise is lying. This is about as intense as music gets.

  3. Scotty’s right hand, vs Jerry’s

    Here is Scotty’s

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