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A Gathering Of Crowds

band crowd 6_10_73

The Egypt shows look different depending on the angle the shot’s from.


Oh, yes. Look. You can see the Sphinx.

That’s a clock. Are you wearing your glasses?

I don’t need them: I am young and vigorous, and I have the eyes of an Olympic archer.

Sure, Magoo. Check the pic again. It’s not Egypt.

Ah. Yes. That is obviously 9/18/87.

Have you been drinking again?

Bottles of truth.

It’s not 9/18/87.

I think I can recognize Madison Square Garden. I’ve been there dozens of times.

Garden’s got a roof, doesn’t it?

Might be retractable now. Everything is so advanced these days.

Why so weird so early?

Oh, no: wait. I see it.


It’s Trafalgar Square on V-E Day.

I hate this job.

We beat the Hun!

We did, yeah.


  1. RFK. Not the 80s.

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