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A Good Cause (For Outrage)

Yes, of course this is a worthwhile cause, and obviously it’s admirable of Dead & Company to do it–Oteil even canceled a show in New York with his band for this gig–and no one would argue that everyone’s heart isn’t in the right place.

That said, how the unbelievable fuck is Rancid’s name as big as D&C’s? And, yes, I know that their names take up the same amount of space and Rancid has fewer letters in their name so it just appears bigger, but this isn’t about facts: it’s show biz. Or principle. Either one, whichever you like better.

Second question: what is a “G-Eazy” and how does it possibly get the same billing as Metallica? I will now break my sacred vow of Without Research to pin down the identity of this so-called “G,” who flounces about with such “eaze.”

Oh, God, it’s a white rapper. And–what the fucking fuck–his first album came out in 2014 and didn’t even go gold.

This cannot stand. I object on behalf of the Grateful Dead community, and also the community of people who liked the first three Metallica records. I object in the name of Dave Matthews’ cargo shorts. This here is some LiveNation bullshit and none of you should take it lying down.

Thanks, Obama.


  1. Also, no women. Total sausage-fest.

  2. You want to talk about “without research”

    Then talk about the no-research artist who decided to depict a barn raising without considering either barn symmetry or physics/perspective..

    More outrage, dead-nation is outraged

  3. Rancid are fucking awesome.

    • Oh My God…
      So much has happened this year..

      And today we add “respect for Rancid” to the mix.

      Just watched telegraph avenue.. and like yeah that is good.

      You know how the thing you love is also the thing you hate?

      Well the British Accent that US punkers adopt is that thing, it is wonderful and horrible all at the same time.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    October 27, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Spencer’s gonna be racing Malcolm again.

    This time Spencer, don’t do so much Lick-m-Aid before the race. Keep your tongue in your head.

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