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A Little Disappointed


Gotta level with you, Enthusiasts. Still love you. You know that.

Arrow should be green, though.

Yes, it should, but that was the best I could do. It took twenty minutes.

Disappointments all around, then.



  1. ok, now i see it.

  2. Really? I’m the only one who saw that? I never see that sort of thing.

  3. Really? People were having a hard time finding it?

    It took me 10 seconds . . . I just looked for flat and level surface near Phil.


  4. I never saw it, but in my defense I was 8 pints in(Heineken of course) when I was searching……jk I’m a teetotaller as surprising as that may seem.

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    December 1, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    Heinecubby by PreLeeCo

    Chicago 60609

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