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A Naked And Shameful Plea

Please visit the Donate Button because I’m so broke I want to throw up. Thank you.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    January 25, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    me too. blew this week’s budget last night on Rs, whisky, and City Market fried chicken.

  2. Do not tell my wife about this, or maybe you should change the PayPal thing so it shows up as

    Save the Sea otters (even though they fuck Baby Seals till they die)

    Not a lot to spare, but some.

    Plus we have to get Maggie to Watkins Glen, but yeah some incoming, hang in there.

    As Mick sings “Life just goes on and on getting harder and harder”

    Sorry wrong song for this moment.

    How about..

    “Rip this joint gotta save your soul,
    unintelligable junky mumble,
    Wham bam, Jordan Ham, Alabam don’t give a damn”

    How much to I have to give to get a reward gift, like naming a rando?

    Just joking, I know you are broke, not much is funny, hopefully you raise enough to think this is funny. Assuming it even is, it probably isn’t .


  3. I don’t usually do this, and I know it ain’t much, but goddammit it you’re special! Funds sent. Thanks for the laughs and insights, hope things improve ASAP.

  4. On it, Chief.

    Don’t want Donate Button paying me a late night visit with a penny-filled sock, after all . . .

    Hang in there. And keep on being you. We appreciate it.

  5. Maybe a little sumtin sumtin.

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