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A Note On America From Chachi

“Of course we’re going to make America great again, but we also need to make America America again. And we need to make again now, so America is America again now; I’m tired of waiting for America to be America like it used to be, so it needs to be again now. And we need to make America even more America then it used to be, again, but now. Let’s all of us make the future happen again, and right now, in America, which needs to be America now, again.

“America used to be very America, but America’s not as America as it used to be. America used to be full of Americans, and not just Americans, American Americans. I think we need someone who will America America as hard as America can be America’d, and then America will be America again, now.

That was a note from Chachi, on America


  1. Not exactly what he said, but if you ran it through Google translate that is about what would come out. Know the enemy!

  2. This isn’t exactly what he said, but it might as well have been. Giuliani was even more horrific. Chachi was strictly reading a script whereas Giuliani actually believes the bile that spews from that senile mind. Personally I took a giant gravity bong hit & watched a Stones concert instead. The estate of Freddie Mercury needs to stop Tramp from using We Are the Champions.

  3. I’m not American, political, nor trying to ruffle feathers……but am I correct in thinking that neither of these candidates deserve to be President of the greatest nation on Earth? What did Garcia say about the lesser of two evils?

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      July 19, 2016 at 12:13 am

      Choosing the lesser of two evils is called being a grown-up.

      • I hear ya, I’m just growing tired of all the political bluster/name calling/ bullshitting coming from both sides of the border lately. I guess it’s always been that way,it just seems so amplified now.

      • I’m also sick of the word cuck……

    • Ooohh Spencer the Canadian telling us we suck,

      Spencer the Canadian with the functioning parliamentary system, with the smartest most handsome most liberal and charming leader of the whole world ever.

      Spencer the Canadian in one of the few countries that stands to gain from Global Warming.

      Spencer the Canadian where all of the meals include smoked pork of some sort, and maple syrup.

      If Trump had a nickname for Spencer it would be “Perfect Spencer”


      • Tor, i’m not one of those smug Canadians with a sense of moral superiority (trust me, there are lots of them). Our last election was a mud slinging gong show and I wasn’t a fan of any of our choices. I was just looking for an Americans perspective on whether they were happy with either of the candidates.

        • Spencer….

          You misunderstood me, I was making fun. Trying to be funny.

          Absolutely no offense meant.

          And honestly places besides the police state of America look pretty good to me right now.

          And Hillary is not that bad, really.

          • It’s all good Tor……except that the Chachi’s speech may have killed Gary Marshall.

  4. Too bad, he was great as Bob Lob Law

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    July 19, 2016 at 8:01 am

    we need to hear from Lance Kerwin

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