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A Note To Future Garcia Muralists

art jerry travis bean

Jerry Garcia was not a human/pig hybrid. At no point during his 55 years on this earth was he a semi-porcine chimera whose existence was an affront to God. His nose, while certainly not a cute little button, was definitely not snout-esque; Garcia would have been utter shit at truffle-hunting.

Also, his guitars had frets.


  1. Lord Tunderin Jeebus…..

  2. What if this is real, and all the other Garcias, including our memories, are false?

    Once Time Sheaths have been introduced, there’s no telling

  3. Nah. It’s a horrible mural. I’ve made worse, but that’s no excuse. Still love to see Garcia Love in any form though. In the interest of keeping this comment section troll free, Good Job mural maker!

  4. Right on Chad,

    We love you bad mural maker.

    That has some nice alliteration..

    Get on you bad mural maker and ride.

  5. Yeah, and he had a thumb on his left hand.

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