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A Panther All Seasons

signature bobby panther dream

At any point during your day, did you remark to yourself, “I’d like to see an autographed cover page from Panther Dream, the children’s book Bobby wrote with his sister in the mid-’80’s?”

Those people out there, those cardboard liars? They might have what you want…

Thoughts on the Dead has what you need.

p.s. I love how Bobby made his sister write the inscription. Her handwriting is so neat, too: can’t you see Bobby watching her carefully sign and personalize the book, impatient, and the second she’s done, he snatches it from her.

“Lemme show you how a pro does it, sis.”


“There. Autograph from the Big Man. Ok, going to my dressing room.”

“Bobby, there’s no dressing room: we’re in a bookstore.”

“Then I’ll be in the Romance section giggling at the covers.”

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  1. Hahahahaha. Bravo.

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