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A Piece of Advice For Josh Meyers

Your Robert Hunter is out there somewhere. Find him.

I like the song, though. It’s the best single Spandau Ballet’s put out in years.


  1. a guy i knew in college was certain that spandau ballet was the next beatles.

  2. Good advice there for Josh, he is out there, find him.

    Something about this makes me want to see Bobby and the Midnites

  3. Check it out, dueling “cowboy Fancy” guitars, I did not know Bobby Cochran had one as well.

  4. NoThoughtsOnDead

    November 18, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    It’s … Josh. However, he gets some credit for rhyming “we can go” with “serotonin overflow”; that’s a little more crafty than “moon” and “June.”

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