Let’s not let the innertubes see this, please. Every year, a few white people get yelled at for Cinco de Mayo-related bullshit, and I would prefer that one of them not be Phil. Mostly because Phil yells back at the innertubes, and he will give Twitter the finger, and then the Beyhive will get involved and someone will ‘shop a Crying Jordan onto Phil’s head; no one wants this to happen.

Also: why does the black lady not even get to be a Mexican? White guys get to be Mexicans, but not black ladies? Let Jay Lane be a floating head; he is a bad influence on Jeff Chimenti and does not deserve to be any sort of Mexican, let alone a Mariachi Mexican. (The Mariachi suit is the southern equivalent of a Mountie’s uniform: the single coolest piece of clothing allowed a man in that particular culture.)

The very definition of White privilege is denying black ladies the right to be Mexican guys.

Also, Phil is having the busboys do the Photoshopping for the Insta feed.

Let’s just put all this silliness away in the problem Attic, shall we, and instead enjoy Radio Busterdog streaming from the free–seriously!–show at TXR this evening. Phil and his Phriends are playing and maybe if you ask real nice, they’ll play the Creature Cantina song in honor of Star Wars Day.