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A Political Note

It is possible that the Democrats are doing the righteous thing, but not the right thing: the proposed bill to ban gun sales to people on a government watch list is a stupid and deeply unconstitutional one that would surely be struck down by the first judge it encountered. Quite frankly, the phrase “government watch list” is fucking terrifying; I say that not from a conspiracist’s paranoid view, but as a man who believes the government is made up of incompetent fools.

On the other hand: shut it the fuck down.


  1. Cmon ToTD..

    You gonna rain your brainy thoughts all over the soundbite “No Fly No Buy”?

    Let go man, Say it.. c’mon say it, it sounds so good !!

    Just quit thinking about it and get on board.

    “No Fly No Buy…”

    You can say it with Engrish accent like asian market.. “You No Fly !! You no Buy !!”, Background check you long time.

    You can say it like Charles Bronson, or Clint Eastwood.. “No Fly No Buy punk”

  2. NoThoughtsOnDead

    June 23, 2016 at 1:01 pm

    I am touched by your faith in the Judiciary. No, I’m not nearly so confident it would be struck down. Other than that, I agree completely.

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