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A Prayer For A Thursday

How will we live, and in what manner shall we die?

The Maori perform their most sacred Haka over a fallen comrade-in-arms. The point is to let the gods know that a warrior will soon join them, and that they should set another place at the table.

How will you live, and in what manner will you die? Will Heaven need to warned of your arrival, or will you slip in through the back door?


  1. As an honorable discharged Marine, Heaven will drag me kicking and screaming from this world.
    Never give up. A small part of Espirit De Corps.

  2. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    November 5, 2015 at 10:37 am

    i will delivered by Uber Kittens dressed as Marty McFly. this will occur on National Barbershop Quartet Day.

  3. Am I going to die?

    Let me know when so I can leave a big bag of food out for the cats.

  4. I think the Beau Geste Viking ship approach has style.

    Watching a New Zealander order fish and chips is intimidating, watching them perform the Haka is off the scale.

  5. I have not researched the matter. The pronounce it “Fush and Chups” which means they could be served anything.

  6. *They

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