Hey, Billy. Whatcha doing?

“Thoughts on my Ass! Getting ready for Live Aid.”

Do NOT use that damn Time Sheath to go back to 1985 and appear at Live Aid.

“Gonna feed the Etruscans!”


“Who gives a shit? Party time! I’m gonna punch Eric Clapton in his dick.”

I support that, actually.

“They call him Slowhand, right? Not me, baby. Punch that dick so fast he won’t have time to be boring.”

Or racist.

“There’s always time for racism.”

True. Don’t go back to Live Aid.

“I want to. 80’s skank, man. Arcade skank.”


“Skanks on rollerskates.”



“And Madonna was there. I wanna stick my thumb in her butt.”


“Same reason people stuck their thumbs in Mt. Everest’s butt: because it’s there.”

But it’s not there, Billy. Madonna’s butt is in 1985. I mean, there’s also one in 2016, but you–

“Hard pass.”

–don’t want to stick your thumb in there any more. Please don’t go to Live Aid.

“Already packed. Gonna bring a couple pounds of 2016 weed, too. Those fuckers’ll think I’m a god.”

Please don’t sell drugs in 1985, Billy.

“Need a little spending money for this Mexico bullshit coming up.”

Is that who the keyboardist is?


Did you not see him?