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A Propitious Date For Sugarees

I can’t give you a show recommendation, per se: I haven’t listened to the whole show. New bunch of torrents came in, from ’79, and 5/5/79 from the Providence Baltimore Civic Center in Rhode Island Maryland has the best EVAR Sugaree.

It is declared; I have made my decision. Go listen to the Sugaree, and feel free to agree with me in the Comment Section.


  1. reposting this old gem from the Rec Music GD forum

    This thread pops up here every few months. Therefore, as a time saver,
    I will summarize the usual course of the ‘Best Sugaree’ Thread.

    1.) Within 24 hours of beginning the ‘Best Sugaree’ thread, at least
    three people (including Seth Jackson) will nominate 5/28/77.
    2.) I will point out that, while it is the longest (about 19 minutes),
    the 17 minute 10/16/77 version is better.
    3.) Someone will say we’re all wrong and nominate 5/5/77.
    4.) Someone else will accuse us all of being antiBrent and nominate
    5.) A pro/con Brent thread will branch off.
    6.) 5/28/77 will get two more votes.
    7.) Suggestions from knowledgable people will be made for 3/18/77,
    5/19/77, 6/8/77, 12/1/79, and 12/28/79.
    8.) Someone who has never heard a 1977 version will nominate a version
    from 1994. Nevermind that Garcia thought for the night that the second
    verse began with “Ran into the devil…”
    9.) Someone, only having heard on tape one show from 1977, will
    nominate 4/27/77.
    10.) Someone will nominate a version from 1973. Nevermind that all pre
    1975 versions are virtually indistinguishable from one another.
    11.) The pro/con Brent thread becomes a major flame war.
    12.) A libertarian will pea in a cup.
    13.) Someone will ask if anyone has ever heard 5/28/77.
    14.) The pro/con Brent thread is busted in L.A.
    15.) Someone asks if Phish ever played Sugaree.
    16.) Another flame war begins.
    17.) 5/28/77 is suggested for DPXII
    18.) Dick gets busted in L.A.
    19.) Someone asks ‘What’s your favorite Row Jimmy?”.

  2. This was Brent’s 4th show, and already he had participated in not one, but two 13+ minutes-long Sugarees. Even buddhist monks don’t have that kind of patience.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      October 26, 2016 at 10:49 pm

      Patience? The only thing wrong with a 13-minute Sugaree is that it isn’t a 14-minute Sugaree.

      • Oh, I agree. But what a first week at the new job. Like someone invited you over to watch Netflix and chill, and you end up watching an Ingmar Bergman marathon.

  3. btw, to be clear. my comment was quoting another famous post. it wasn’t my post and i’d hate to get sued for plagiarism or something.

    anyway, dig the 5/5/79 jam. thanks

  4. Mild-Mannered Enthusiast

    October 26, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    I must agree this was the best EVAR because I was at this show, but I have to disagree that it was in Providence. The Civic Center in question was/is in Baltimore.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      October 26, 2016 at 10:57 pm


      • First off I just want to say how classy I think it is to do the cross out but leave the mistake form of correction. (Very) Second I would like to say how funny Dave Fs repost of this thread description was. (Also Very) Third I just wanted to say that if you start making numbered points you may have trouble rounding out a third point.

  5. The Other One from that May 5 1979 Baltimore show is better than the Sugaree.


    For full explanation, see followup post to this. Offsetting POVs here: Brent’s big organ vs. Bob’s slide-y thing.

  7. It is good but WeirSlide™ negates the goodness.

  8. 10/17/83 was very good

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