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A Shoot In The Dark

The number of pictures taken of the Grateful Dead can be mathematically expressed as ∞-1. However, there weren’t that many actual photo shoots, where the whole band (whomever that applied to at the time) congregated and maybe even showered for the occasion.

Using the principles and practices of Without Research, let’s see how many I can get. Point out my mistakes, omissions, and character flaws in the Comment Section.

  • The one from ’77 where Phil wears a tie that I just posted about.
  • In front of the Holiday Inn where Brent wears the doofus hat.
  • ’76 in the park: Mickey in cocaine hat, Phil in headband.
  • Outside on the deck in 1971 or ’72 with Keith and Pig, but no Mrs. Donna Jean.
  • With Dylan.
  • Baron Wolman inside with the big flag.
  • First (?) photo shoot in the street with the light bouncing off their faces.
  • Phil with Fu Manchu, Garcia in pigtails; at the Portero and thereabouts in black and white.
  • Also ’67 or ’68: old-fashioned barber’s/dentist’s chair.
  • Cover shot for Go To Heaven (which there must be more pictures from besides the two floating around the innertubes, and I demand that someone send to me).
  • The one with Vince where Phil wears a tie-dyed Izod shirt.
  • Sometime in the 80’s and Bobby has a rose for some reason.
  • The one from around In the Dark that split up into duet photos.

Wow, that is actually not a lot. Every other band–literally every single other band in the history of bands–submits to full group photo shoots for every new project.

Goddamned recalcitrant malcontents


  1. The “Built to Last” cover shot of the Dead building a house of cards (and the inside cover, which was obviously shot at the same time, and which 14-year-old me vainly tried to use to convince my parents this band was just a bunch of normal guys playing non-threatening music. A few years later, we were dancing together in the Phil Zone).

  2. The one in front of a theatre where Weir is wearing a Duke t-shirt.

  3. That late one where they are dressed as gunslingers in dusters and hats but Mickey skews the whole theme by wearing a huge Zoltan-the-fortune-teller style turban.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    March 31, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Бѣлая Гвардiя/Белая Гвардия Mickey, white pants after Labour Day Billy, kitchen curtain head Pigpen, Red Wing Jerry et al

  5. Sitting on the hay bails, with Jerry wearing a poncho. (I had a poster of this picture in high school. It was purchased from Tower Records and Jerry’s roach had been officially edited into a large cigarette by someone clumsily using white-out.)

  6. U missed the best shot of all, the centerfold of skull n roses with Pig in Big Boss Man pose

  7. Did you mention this one?

  8. I always thought the Go To Heaven cover resembled a promo photo of the cast for a TV sitcom about the zany doings of orderlies at a mental institution. “Those wacky orderlies!”, etc.

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