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A Small Note Re: Little Aleppo

There’s an ending. It’s got all sorts of bullshit in it: action, and comedy, and there’s a bit that’s gonna make you cry. If you’ve been reading–and I thank you if you have–and wondering if this was all just going to go on round and round forever like some made-up soap opera, then don’t worry. There’s more stories about Little Aleppo, but this one? With Tommy and the Observatory? It has an ending and the road is clear. Just wanted you to tell you.

I know what I’m doing, he said out loud to convince himself. I know what I’m doing. I swear I think I know what I’m doing.


  1. World-building is hard.

    You do it really, really well.

    Thanks for sharing it all with us.

    And when the Tommy Amici arc comes to its spectacular end and any and all other LA (not that one) stories are done and tols, I know a lot of folks will still remember all the people and places you made here really fondly, remembering them and their stories and their neighborhood in those weird ways that blur great storytelling with real world memories as part of our own narratives . . .

    So Bravo, as always! Getting on the train to work at 630am and firing up my phone, and then finding a Little Aleppo story to read, makes the start of the day sweeter than it would have been otherwise!

  2. I agree with everything my Right Honorable Friend JES said above.

    And I want to add that the turns of phrase “the past was terrible” and “Anything will grow anywhere, if you have enough money.”

    are truly worthy of being something people will plug into whatever the Future version of Google Search ends up being in order to better understand/appreciate ToTD’s contribution to the Greater Good.

    That and the whole “sold to me as a” Weir jokes thing.

    • SmokingLeather

      June 23, 2017 at 11:22 am

      somebloke is right about your literally contribution. I often find the phrase ‘The past was terrible’ on my lips, and once or twice I have cought myself saying that ‘anything will grow anywhere, if you’ve got enough money’.

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