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A Terrible Acrostic About Terrorism

T is for Trucks
Which are driven through crowds
E is for Egypt
Today was quite loud
R is for Radical
Zealotry found
R’s for Revenge
It goes round and round
O is Obama
We’re told he’s to blame
R is for Righteous
We’re told that’s our claim
I is for Islam
It must be genetic
S is Security
It should be splenetic
M is for Murder,
Massacre, meat, and
M is for Mothers
Who wail in the street, and
M is for Madness
Of screaming sad sirens, and
M is for Media
Streaming vague chyrons, and
M’s for the Market
Oh, will it bounce back?
And M is for Men
It’s always fucking men, isn’t it?

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  1. Fuckin’ brilliant.

    May we awaken soon.

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