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A Terrible Poem About Compromise

You can’t spell “elite”
Without “latte”
Spelling’s for bees
I’m a hard-working American

What did facts ever do for us?
Where has competence gotten us?
We’ve tried being reasonable
Let’s ask the phrenologists
Poll the alienists
Maybe Twitter has some ideas
We should deputize the comment section

I say we burn it down

“So, you’re an arsonist?”

Excuse me?
How dare you call me that?
Don’t be a bigot
And accept my opinion
Which is as good as yours
And is that we should burn it all

“That’s arson
Advocacy of which makes you an arsonist”

Don’t put words in my mouth
I never said we should burn anything down
What I said is that we should burn everything down
Fuck your intolerance
You’re the arsonist

Besides: you made me do it
I wouldn’t have burned it all down
But then you said I was going to burn it all down
Just because I said I was going to burn it all down

Don’t be a bully
That’s the worst thing you can be
The worst thing in the world
Do you have a lighter?


  1. You can borrow mine…..

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      November 30, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      But now I want to burn the lighter.
      How do you burn a lighter with itself?

      Goddammit, it’s too early to be philosophical.

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