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A Terrible Poem About Several Buses

Hoist the flag
Any one
(Well, not some)
And we will let the road wave it for us

One of you needs to learn how to double-clutch
It’s not fair I do all the driving
I don’t wanna be Neal Cassady
Not all the time
You’ve been promising you would for three tours, Moochie
Not cool, Moochie

The shows are islands
And the roads are lava
Hop from safety to safety
See as much of America as you can
Without America seeing you
Drive casual.

Kelly has that sheet
She’ll be in Cincinnati
There’s no Cincinnati show
Somewhere in Ohio
It would work itself out
The world is enormous but the lot is small

Don’t pick at it
I know
I know
Don’t pick at it

Metal doesn’t glue together
Screws and nails don’t work
Rivets are good
A weld is the best
Because that makes two things one
The temperature of the torch is dependent
Iron at this heat
Steel at that
But the angle of the torch?


  1. “Watch your head, momma, we’ll watch every thing else”

    No, really, watch your head, Momma. But we really will watch every thing else.

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    December 31, 2016 at 8:50 am


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