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A Terrible Poem About Terrible Things

I’m not a rapist
I just held her down.
How dare you paint
With such broad strokes?

I’m not an arsonist
I just cheered him on.
And it needed to burn.
It was what we were all thinking.

I’m not a thief
I just pointed to the money.
If they didn’t want to be robbed,
Then they should have better locks.

I’m not a homophobe.
I just laugh at fag jokes.
Telling them is wrong, sure, maybe.
Some people say that.
Fags, mostly.

Have you met my economic insecurity?
Economic insecurity!
Economic insecurity!
Someone wants to meet you.
(It’s all his fault.
He’s a real asshole.
Not me.)
Come on out here!
Let people write thinkpieces about you.

Never ask a man with an umbrella
Whether it’s raining.

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  1. Kill my landlord
    Kill my landlord

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