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A Twist You Never Saw Coming

IMG_2799Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Oh, hey. How are ya? I’m, uh…oh, I’m just having a laugh. Thinkin’ about some stuff Josh said before.”


“Sure. Anyway, he was all: ‘Dad?’ And I–well, you know: he’s a good kid and all–but I was just, ‘Oh, no, no, no.’ but he seemed fine with it.”

John Mayer couldn’t be your son.

“No. Nah. No: he has one of those butt-chins. And those are genetic: parents gotta have one. And I don’t have a butt-chin, I have a beard.”

Bobby, you most certainly do have a butt-chin.

“Well, I don’t wanna get in a thing, here, but I think I know my own face.”

“Huh. How do you like that?”


“Okay, sure: there’s that. Nothing else in common except being tall, handsome, and musically gifted with enormous hands and I dated his mother in the late-70’s.”


“When is his birthday?”

October, ’77.

“We were playing real well then.”


“I need to make a few phone calls.”

Catch you later.


  1. this post is my aesthetic

  2. Truth minus zero.

  3. Baton Rouge 10/16/77

  4. Mayer needs to dump Katy and hook up w Trixie.

    • Can’t he have both, I mean?

      Mountain Girl had Kesey’s Baby while Married to some other prankster and living with Jerry so “extended” families run in the family.

      All one world man, share the love.

      Trixie, John, Katy, one big happy modern fusion family.

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