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A Wall By Any Other Name

phil beard bobby wall color

“The Berm of Sound.”


“The Palisade of Sound.”


“The Vertical Ceiling/Floor of Sound.”

“That’s a reach. Why don’t we just go with our first idea?”

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  1. Bobby: “Hey, who was that guy with the really crazy hair down in L.A.?”

    Phil: “Phil ‘Something’? That guy?”

    Bobby: “Yea, I think so. Didn’t he come up with some weird conceptual word for creating a really full headroom kinda’ noise?”

    Phil: “Um, maybe. Shit, that’s Los Angeles. I get sick everytime I go there.”

    Bobby: “The Wall of ‘something’…”

    “Phil: “Ya’ got me, man.”

    Bobby: “Yea, forget it. That guy’s hair really creeps me out anyway. It’s not even a ‘comb over.’ More like it’s coming from the inside of his head or something.”

    Phil: “Do I get to sing on this tour?”

    Bobby: “Mmmm. Cowboy songs…”

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