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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Acid Rain

treyful dead hotdog art

  • Did a gypsy steal Phil’s shoes?
  • Speaking of which, why is Bobby wearing Marty McFly’s future sneakers?
  • How long has Mickey been a lesbian park ranger?
  • Trey’s driving?
  • Really?
  • Couldn’t resist those fucking bears, couldja?
  • Would anyone really want to be rained on by Cloud Garcia?
  • Speaking of which, why is Billy a cloud?
  • How is he gonna play drums? Someone’s gotta play the drums while Mickey fucks around with his tar, don’t they?
  • Why not just put all of them on the hot dog?
  • Do you think that’s not going to cause jealousy?
  • “Why does Billy get to be a cloud?”
  • “Well, why wasn’t I even asked if I wanted to be a cloud?”
  • Won’t that giant hot dog smother all the people in Soldier Field to death?
  • Why a hot dog, anyway?
  • Is that some dopey Phish bullshit, the hotdog nonsense?
  • Do we need to have a talk about keeping one’s toys in one’s own side of the sandbox?
  • I mean: the first motherfucker that WOO’s during the Farewell Shows knows he’s getting punched, right?


  1. Anchovy Rancher

    January 21, 2015 at 6:37 am

    Those. Fucking. Bears.


  2. There Will Be Trampolines.

    Also too: Blood.

    PS worst dead art ever. Why is Trey riding the weiner and Billy isn’t? Did he punch it? And what’s that other weird cloud object where Mickey should be, if Billy’s in a cloud? Is that some microorganism they are going to release on the crowd? Will crop-dusters dressed as frankfurters be flying above Soldier Field during Bird Song releasing clouds of this stuff (and some of Jerry, courtesy of Matheesha)? Will there be a televised threat message to the people of Chicago from Phlbert J? Will James Bond save the day?

    • Or maybe the fractal cloud-sigil represents The Other Ones (the dead keyboard players, Mrs Donna Jean, and that Dianetics guy, T Ron Constantinople).

      And why isn’t Chimenti or Hornsby riding the sausage?

      McCartney was barefoot on Abbey Road. Maybe he had a liver transplant.

      Hey, did you see where someone asked Sir Paul if he’d ever go down on one knee again? He said, “Look, her name’s Heather, OK?”

  3. Trey’s pointing at Billy as if to say, ‘He likes me! He really likes me!’


    It’s Garcia Kong run amok, scaling Soldier Field with Billy ‘Fay Wray’ tightly in his grip, as brave pilots on their flying hot dog valiantly attempt to shoot him down.
    Oh, the humanity!

  4. Being from Chicago – we’re famous for our ‘dogs, man. Get a clue.

  5. Anchovy Rancher

    January 21, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Those weren’t “Women,” it isn’t “Pizza” and they aren’t “Dogs.”

    A sidewalk vendor Sabrett in NYC is ‘A Hot Dog.” A “Polish W/Everything” from The Original in Pittsburgh, Pa., is “A Hot Dog.” A Doggie Diner Foot Long w/Kraut and onions in San Francisco (Alas, defunct) was: “A Hot Dog.”

    A Chicago Dog (tied off at the ends) is just a Wiener and may or may not include murdered human parts in it. Or: “Da’ Bears.”

  6. Once upon a time, the bus came by and that’s when it all began.
    And then a little while later, the flying Weinermobile came whizzing by like a drunken runaway blimp and thats when it all had to end folks.

    As far as the shows, would 3 hrs a nite of Hornsby on accordion be asking too much?
    A soothing, polka-driven Drums > Space would be like a gentle breeze across a rice paddy. And if Bruce really wanted to get down with his bad self, I say he drop a 10 min solo on their heads during Help on the Way.

  7. one drummer isis decapped; one drummer w/ katzenjammer kid stubble

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