bobby rando canada4

“I guess this is still going on.”

You may be trapped in a recursive rando loop.

“This one may not be a rando. I think he’s the TV guy.”

You think? You should know this, Bobby.

“Sure, I should, sure. But, you know: I stopped paying real close attention around 2004.”

You held out a lot longer than some of the other Grateful Deads.

“Brent came into the band not paying attention. I kinda admired him for it.”

I am not paying attention to this anymore. Is that the TV guy or not?

“Jeans look like TV-guy-jeans.”

Mayer’s got five pair.



“Ah. Yeah, he likes his clothes.”

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Okay, I’m going to tell you what’s happening, and you confirm it for me: you’re with a rando, and we’re talking, and then it feels like my eyeballs turn outside-in, and then I smell orange (but not the fruit, the color) and then you’re standing there with another rando.

“That sounds right. I’m smelling seventeen, though.”

Is reality breaking down?

“Well, that would, you know: presuppose reality working properly in the first place. And I don’t know about that one.”

You are on the ball tonight, Bobby.

“I get most of my best thinking done in Canada.

Sure. Can I tell you what’s adorable?

“If you must.”

How you’re all politely nestled up against the giant rando, but your head is as far away from him as your neck will allow.

“I don’t know if I’d call that adorable.”

It is totes adorbs.

bobby randos canada delfie

AAAH! Not adorbs! Totes not adorbs!

“Yeah, people do that.”

Do they think you don’t notice?

“When you stop trying to understand the mind of a rando, you will find your bliss.”

Bob, these are the least blissful randos I’ve ever seen.

“Yeah, you know: what are ya gonna do?”

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Oh, thank God. Where’d you get a scarf?

“Creepy Ernie’s.”

Yeah? How’s he doing?

“He had a stroke.”

Oh, no! Is he going to be okay?

“No, no: when I went there, he had a stroke, and then he cupped gently.”


“Can’t beat the prices. And, you know: Ern’s family.”

Yeah: statistically it will be family that does that sort of thing to you.

bobby rando canada4

We’re back at the first guy.

“Yeah, we’re in a rando loop. Somebody’s gotta bring the Time Sheath up to Canada.”

Gimme a minute.