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Anyone bought a new car lately?


  1. Once or twice I’ve felt that this blog was stalking me. I bought a new car two weeks ago.

      • Well, shit, I have no idea if I’m actually doing things right. I got a Dad Car, a Malibu. It was discounted something like $6k because I gather they’re not very popular.

        I’ve driven only small, manual-shift foreign cars for a long time but age is fucking with my vanity now. Also, this new thing makes phone calls for me and I’m sick of clutching in the city anyway.

        The Girl With Whom I’m Shacking Up recently got a new Mazda 3. It seems alright too.

    • Also, I am stalking you. Wash yo’ ass!

      • Three for three.

        Yeah, the Malibu is the car your friend’s dorky dad, the accountant, had. They must’ve had 50 on the lot in Rental Car Blue and one in black.

        My fantasy is to move to The City – and it is not quite convenient in THIS city – and ditch the car entirely. May have informed my decision: Just give me something I don’t have to think about.

        The 3 looks great and drives pretty well, but GWWISU requires an automatic so it’s hard to tell. It replaced an ’05 3 which had a nicer interior.

        I had a rental Focus a while back which seemed nice. And un-Fordlike, but my idea of Ford at the time was a ’90s Taurus.

        Honestly, it’s probably impossible to buy an objectively bad car right now, at least by previous standards.

        The only real bad car experience I’ve has was a Toyota that wasn’t very nice but which I expected to drive 200,000 miles. If you trade on reliability and do nothing else well, your product should actually be reliable, no? Won’t do a Toyota ever again.

        • My Focus is getting up there, ten years now and she always drove well and–and this is the best thing for someone who gives not one shit about cars–all of her probelms were slow-building, obvious problems.

          First car I’ve ever owned that never had any real sudden probelms, and I loved her for it.

          (Now, the AC hasn;t quite worked in two years, and the bearings keep going, and the whindshield wipers don’t quiiiite work right, and on and on. But she’s still a good machine.)

      • That’s worth a lot.

        I had a ’72 Beetle when I lived in Tucson. It was not restored – apparently just survived with 30 years of fresh oil. It was easy to keep the oil fresh, too, because there was no real filter and it leaked from the gaskets in such volume that I had to hose the engine bay out every few days so it wouldn’t catch fire.

        That was one of the few cars I really cared about, but I had to leave it in Tucson when I left (searching for a Jack Straw reference here, don’t want to derail your shit.) Surely would’ve been unfair to kill her in a few northeast winters.

        Also: Half a mile from Tucson. There.

  2. Mazda 6, not too bad

  3. Probably too late to advise, but- the Toyota Matrix is a veritable six blade knife, to resort to inappropriate metaphor. Too small to comfortably bed most soccer moms, but it will get you to the motel. Furthermore, an absolute stealth rocket ship that can burn rubber off the line. You might prefer the re-branded by Pontiac Vibe, though, because the name. I’d prefer to have gone for a Vibe over a Matrix myself, but the car itself was in tight shape.
    Lastly, it appears that the mold has been broken- on the Matrix, the Vibe, and on Pontiac itself. Thus ensuring collector value.

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