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jerry plane briefcase

What’s going on here? Did they have to wheel Garcia onto the plane in a Hannibal Lecter rig?


  1. Nah, that’s just Garcia with a Haliburton briefcase full of a few of his favorite things. No need to look any further, just move on folks!

    • Oh, no: not a Halliburton.

      That there was the special briefcase that Fender made for him kitted out to look like a guitar case.

      The Halliburton’s the bitching silver one with the Krueggerans or bearer bonds in everybody’s chasing Bruce Willis for. Occasionally, you will see it handcuffed to a white guy in a suit.

      • Or occasionally with a foam insert that holds a Sony TC-D5, some Shoeps shotgun mics, and maybe a couple of Nakamichi condensers. Plus a 15 foot tower and a secret compartment for spaghetti.

  2. Upon inspection, I see you are correct on all counts. This indicates that this is a photo from the seventies or very early eighties. For by the time he was busted in his car, he’d been carrying that Halliburton around for some time. Pictures are rare, though,as can become the case when you have acquired different habits.

  3. “hannibal lecter rig.” truly amazing. i keep looking back and reading it again. so funny!

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