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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

All 184 Grateful Dead Songs, Ranked From Worst To Best

184. France, Shakedown Street This slight number from 1978’s Shakedown Street is crap, but it does count as Bobby’s last collaboration with Robert Hunter so it’s a historical novelty.

183. Money Money, From The Mars Hotel No one likes this song.



Did you just shoot yourself in the face?


You could have just stopped writing.

You know as well as I do that I can’t stop writing.


I just hate those fucking lists so fucking much.

Well, no one’s paying you to do one.

Oh, I would absolutely write one up in exchange for money.

Sure, but no one’s offered and you’re not volunteering.

I am not, no.

What’s number one?

Born to Run or Stairway.

The Dead wrote those?

It doesn’t matter: all Rock Lists have to end with Born to Run or Stairway.

Thanks, Obama.


  1. I love France. The ladies love to dance.

    My 13 year-old self played the Shakedown Street LP so much it sounded like the recording of the moon landing.

  2. Antwerp’s Placebo? Who likes that?

  3. I will start from the other end of the list.

    Stella Blue

    Wait, make that ….

    I see why you stopped.

  4. Both atrocious.

    A friend recently posed the question of what is the greatest dead tune. I dare you…

  5. Come on, Money Money is fine, maybe even great!

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