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All Dressed Up…

billy lady terribleI don’t know what’s happening here.

“The beginning of something beautiful that will take place in the men’s room five minutes from now?”

How you getting that thing off her, buddy?

“Absolutely nothing needs to come off for what I’m thinking of.”

Ew, Billy. Just: ew.


  1. Holy shit. Terence McKenna just called from the afterlife and said jewel-encrusted self-dribbling fractal DMT elves are no longer the weirdest thing he’s seen.

  2. What’s even weirder: this photo was taken on Jan 20, 2014. The following not ning, several hundred miles away, Mickey was spotted wearing a t-shirt with this very image emblazoned on the front.

  3. Positively seizure-inducing.

  4. the camera has been dosing (not me)

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