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All I Said Was, “Come On In”

It’s a powerful segment—and not only because it’s intimately informed by things SNL’s writers likely know very well: the cultural and commercial habits of a very particular, and very stereotypical, cross-section of young progressives. “The Bubble” is Brooklyn, essentially, presented at once as geography and as a very precise set of political assumptions. SNL, with “The Bubble,” is making fun of that, and of itself—of its own generally progressive viewers, of its own generally progressive writers. It is having fun with, but also giving credence to, one of the criticisms most commonly lobbed against progressives: that they are smug. And that they are, in their way, just as narrow-minded as the people they condemn for their provincialism. – Megan Garber, The Atlantic – 11/21/16

How dare you judge what’s become of the Right? To label a movement as fascist or racist simply on the basis of their stated beliefs and unambiguous writings makes you a bigot. It wouldn’t have a few years ago, but words no longer have any set meaning, so now you’re a bigot.

And the little joke about how they don’t see color in the bubble, and then the actress does a take? Hilarious, and cutting: bubbleheaded thinking is surely the same as government registries. Smug is the worst thing someone could be, the worst thing at all.

Stop overreacting.

There was a victory party in DC this weekend. Balloons, booze. Speeches.


Don’t be close-minded. Let’s wait and see.

The bullet will come from the Right, but we’ll be led to the wall from the Left.


  1. Right on…

  2. Clip on CBS news from Spencer’s DC “conference” showing these stains chanting “HailTrump” with a not quite Nazi arm thing.

    Sound bite from Spencer saying they are moving the country to the “new normal”.

    I say don’t be fearful, think of ways to make them fearful.

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