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Never let it be said that Rolling Stone is not still a bastion of journalism. What about the guy who wrote Monster Mash? Who’s he voting for?

BUT, you should go read the great David Browne’s latest article about the royal purple clusterfuck that is Prince’s estate. (WARNING! AUTO-PLAY!)


  1. Both writers are deceased… I’m thinking……..Democrat? Why not it worked for JFK

  2. Whoa, re. Prince: “One source has estimated that the vault contains “thousands upon thousands” of tapes …”

  3. I humbly admit that I’ve been a subscriber since the early 80’s. Took them up on the lifetime subscription offer sometime in the 90’s. The magazine’s been getting smaller and smaller in actual size and in content since. I still flip through it though.

  4. If you are a dark, depressed confused youngster, and want that dark depressed feeling to continue for the rest of your life, then you should sit this one out.

    Convert your imagined pain into real pain, your imagined oppression into real beatings from rednecks in pickup trucks.

    Don’t just dream about a horrible world, you can help create one.

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