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Almost The Same Shit, Different Day


Sammy Hagar made a Croc fuck a flip-flop. Sammy Hagar, in the genetics laboratory he keeps in the basement of the Cabo Wabo Cantina, has forced a Croc shoe to mount and impregnanate a flippity-flop, and the abominations you see on his feet are the result. Sammy made a Croc fuck a flip-flop.

Also, the last word that ever needs to be said about Young John Mayer is this: he seeks Dan Bilzerian’s approval.


  1. I am not here to comment, I am here to


  2. If I was not protesting I would have to agree…

    WTF is up with Sammy’s shoes, they put all other shoes in another dimension.

    You are on to something.. Fascist, capitalist, sexist, downpressor man you may be, but you are on to something.

  3. This is an episode of “Name That Sex Offender”. Couldn’t be nothing else.

  4. Tor w0t r u doin m8

    I have to admit something. When guys have their hair like that pulled back with a headband, I can’t help but admire the way it looks. Idk what the hell it is about this hairstyle. Though it is sported by predominantly douchebags it’s kinda hot. ????

  5. Once again, the workers (comment section) prove to be too ignorant to understand what is happening to them.

    Dear Comment Section..

    ToTD said this.. (do you read the whole blog? )


    Fascist, sexist, power hungry Blog Meister that he is, he plans on keeping us down man…

    Rise up, Rise up, General Strike, Burn your Brah, Sit at the Lunch Counter, Sit in the front of the Bus, CarJack the fuckin bus, Occupy everything..

    power to the people..


  6. Things that are banned (so far) by our semi-benevolant leader

    Talking amongst ourselves, being nice, organizing things?, milk, toast, milquetoast, tin horns, unions, power to the people hand symbols, Hunter Thompson election symbols, pointing things out, historical references, anything/everything Dawn mentions, occupy movements, boys hairstyles ! Maggie thinks are cute, clubs, troll gifs (I call B.S it was a fine gif), reports on forbidden things, Ronald Reagan Berlin Wall gifs, burning bras, disco sucks pics, burning draft cards, bridges, bridge games?, explaining the 60’s unless your John Sebastian? ………..Discussions on Dan Bilzerian will be tolerated until further notice.

  7. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    October 2, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    i need a packa kool super lights after reading this

  8. Well it has been a day since we rose up and occupied the hell out of this blog.

    I wonder what the outcome is, has he fled to some off country refuge ?

    We have been to the mount-tam and we will see the other side. Maybe we will see Terrapin Crossroads, or maybe the ocean, no way of knowing.

    Brothas and Sistahs you fought bravely.. tonight we shall see the umpire without his clothes, and Commenters shall be free, and we will share and give in peace and love.

    At least I think that is what happens.. I have to run a few errands.

  9. I miss our dictator and wish he would come back..

    Sure revolution was fun, and we are doing alright as a cooperative of commenters…

    But I miss “…”



    and most of all




  10. Question for any and all of you who have insight:

    I’ve read comments and interviews discussing the 2-track live Dead recordings that insist the mixes were for the venue, not for the recording itself. I’ve read somewhere an interview with Betty where she said that her goal was to mix in such a way as to put the listener in the middle of the band.

    These things obviously aren’t the same, but I’ve never seen an explanation as to how or why (or if) Betty had the special privilege of mixing, herself, a separate output to tape. Did she? If so, does anyone know any of the technical details of how that was accomplished?

    I’ve had DP 13 for more years than I can remember now…I’ve always felt the performance must have been interesting, but the mix just sucked so bad I couldn’t find it. Recently bought some good tower speakers and tonight…DAMN. Figure this isn’t Betty but maybe it’s one of those “mixed for the venue” masters? No idea for sure but would explain why cranking it on my own mini-concert PA would bring out the details that headphones our the car speakers just can’t catch.

    • “During several periods in their history, Cantor-Jackson did the taping, mixing the soundboard feed directly onto a two-track tape as the music was being performed. (She sat offstage, wearing earphones.) In Deadhead circles, she was renowned for her ear.”

      A small clue, but if she was using headphones, she was likely mixing the sbd feed for the tape and not the venue.

      This is a great article if you have a spare half hour…

  11. Also, peeps: it got a bit too incestuous in here a while back. Just let ToTD be himself and let’s laugh and roll.

  12. He’s Gone, We are it, We’re on Our…

    Hey Jer, whatcha up to?

    “Running errands, pursuing happiness.”

    Can you believe there are States in this country where this behavior is no longer forbidden?

    “Cut you all off, didn’t he?”

    Yeah, we were just trying to be funny. You know, the imitation and flattery and that kind of thing.

    “Yeah, sure.”

  13. The thing bout building a wall is 35 years later flush either cash from its latest touring incarnation you’ll say let’s make a movie with the latest Hal generated effects to tear flown the wall yet again,
    In regards to the comments section wall I’d be happy with a bigger cage and longer chains.

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